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A short introduction….

After years of research, development and experimentation, a new concept of nautical shock-absorber is now born.
The ‘heart’ of Seadamp is designed to absorb and, at the same time, dissipate movements of the moored boat.
Its internal members' materials are corrosion-resistant, furthermore they are tightly protected by the sturdy outer body.
Compared to any other such device, it guarantees a longer-lasting performance with lower maintenance expenses.
While working, it also acts as an energy recovering device: a self-supply power system for battery recharge while vessel's moored, anchored or even during its navigation.
Seadamp is designed with the aim of providing the lowest environmental impact, it can be easily disassembled and its internal components are totally recyclable.
Seadamp is filled with a 100% biodegradable hydraulic fluid containing fully saturated esters from natural sources and guaranteed by European Ecolabels controls.
Seadamp can be placed on all types of vessel, also used as anchorage of floating wharves.
It makes life on board extremely more comfortable thanks to its strong stabilizing effect against waves.
Seadamp is 100% designed and made in Italy.
a shock-absorber with countless possible applications:
it changes the world of docking and mooring!
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